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EPISODE 7 - Lisa Bougie

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Lisa Bougie is a C-suite executive who serves as an independent board director for Eileen Fisher, Cora, Bulletin, and MakerSights. Lisa has also led teams at Stitch Fix, Nike, Patagonia & Gap. During this episode, we discuss how Lisa’s mistakes helped build her successful career.

EPISODE 6 - Context Is Key

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Context is key. Get to know David Amadi and Jono Grayson as they shed light on the podcast while discussing the intended audience, their personal experiences with failure, GOAT quotes and what to expect in future episodes. David also calls out Jono for making some not-so-quick "quick shoutouts".

EPISODE 5 - Blair Shane

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Blair Shane, former CMO at Sequoia Capital, has helped daring founders build legendary companies from idea to IPO, and beyond.  She's also witnessed dozens of promising startups hardly make it off the ground and eventually fail. Blair is currently CMO at IVP and has held the same title at The Chernin Group, Stanford Graduate School of Business and The California Academy of Sciences.

EPISODE 4 - Joseph Okpaku

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Joseph Okpaku, Chief Policy Officer at Booster Fuel and former VP of Government Relations at Lyft, shares the many headwinds Lyft faced as they paved the way for policy change in the transportation space. Despite receiving dozens of cease-and-desist-letters, Joe and the Lyft team were able to bring about reform that has enabled the essential rideshare services that we all utilize today.

EPISODE 3 - Bomani Mintz

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Bomani Mintz, Founder and CEO of Crave It, highlights the early lessons learned as a new founder, his struggles with Imposter Syndrome and common pitfalls of potential candidates.

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EPISODE 2 - Courtney Wu

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Courtney Wu, CEO of Amnesia Media, discusses her relationship with failure and her struggles with imposter syndrome while being an Asian, female founder in the cannabis industry.

Episode 1

EPISODE 1 - Boomer Cruz

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Boomer Cruz, Lead Copywriter at Salesforce, opens up about his first experience getting laid off and how he leveraged his expansive network to bounce back and land his next role.


EPISODE 0 - Trailer

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Welcome to the 'Mostly Mistakes' podcast! The goal of the show is to normalize failure by highlighting how successful people have learned from their mistakes. Episode 0 is a light-hearted introduction to our co-hosts, Jono Grayson and David Amadi, that reveals some of their biggest failures. We'll let you decide which is the bigger failure, David or Jono. We hope you enjoy!

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